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By: Sean S.
Amanambu, Chimezie
THE worst experience I have ever had with a doctor. From my experience, a completely apathetic, arrogant, disgracefully rude, lying, thoroughly incompetent group of folks. I will be pursuing an investigation with the proper authorities regarding conduct there and I encourage everyone who has had the misfortune of visiting this person to do likewise (look to small claims, posting, filing grievances with the board, etc). It's time these people learn they are going to be held responsible for their actions.
By: Diane E.
Waleed Nemer
Dr. Nemer cared for my father for many years until my Dad's recent death at age 89. My Dad loved and appreciated Dr. Nemer, and trusted him completely. My Dad experienced some difficult periods, but until his final days, Dr. Nemer always nurtured him back to a high quality of life. At times, family or friends suggested to my Dad that he see some of the renowned doctors at the Cleveland Clinic. My Dad would hear nothing of it. For him, no one could compare to Dr. Nemer. Thank you, Dr. Nemer! --Diane Evans, daughter of Joseph Paparone
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By: Chrissy F.
Alexia Lishnevski MD
I have been prescribed pain meds since an accident in 1993. my husband got laid off from his job and we couldn't pay a 700$ bill so we were cut off. I was in a rehab program but I am having a hard time dealing with the chronic pain and am looking for a suboxione clinic that takes my INSURANCE. TO HELP ME. AFTER I WAS CUT OFF I STSRTED USING. HERION. I DONT WSNNA DO THST AND NOW THST WE HAVE THE INSURANCE. I really need the help, actually, I am begging for the. help. my number is 226-703-6553. I would like to start like yesterday. thank you. I hope you truly care and help me. thank you. Paula Christine finowski
By: Brandie A.
Zmeili, Omar, MD
Is obviously not an endocrinoligist that cares about patient feeling good. Because TSH is fine does not want to treat for hashimotos although I have all of the symptoms and my TPo antibodies were 37.3. Since the appt I have developed a goiter and have scheduled with two other endocrinologists. Hopefully I will find one that will help me. I deserve a decent quality of life as a human being. A simple does of armour thyroid would improve my quality of life. Doctor Zmelli did not care said he heres and sees this all the time. He wants to treat me for obesity instead of thyroid disease when I am obviously suffering. Luckily my primary care doctor recognizes this but just does not know how to treat it and is sending me to a specialist, and now second and third opinions. This endocrinologist did not tell me anything I do not already know and sounded like an infomercial on tv and told me I needed exercise. I feel bad for any other patients who are referred to him for thyroid disease because unless it is already debilitating they probably are not being treated. I would not recommend this endocrinologist to anyone. Perhaps he specializes in Diabetes. I started sobbing in the room with him and waited months for the appointment and left feeling alone, exhausted, helpless, and ready to give up. I left there with nothing. He did not want to recognize that I have thyroid disease because my TSH is "within normal range". The fact that my thinning hair, intolerance to cold, unexplained weight gain, dry skin, fatigue, adhd, I can go on and on, did not matter because my TSH was within normal range. My TPO antibodies were confirmed to be extremely high through blood work and because my TSH "was within normal range" I do not have hashimotos yet......what? what do you mean yet? You have it or you dont, my primary care doctor diagnosed me at the next visit. Maybe I caught him on a LAZY day? Well now I have to wait months to see another endocrinologist, I scheduled appointments with two different ones just in case if this happens again. I have since developed a goiter and my immune system is raging an attack on my thyroid but I am just obese and need exercise? I have been a waitress for 17 years and also run two businesses. Thank you for nothing Dr. Omar Zmeili. The appointment at your office was nothing but a waste of the little energy I have and money.
By: Amy C.
George, Elizebath P, MD
Dr. Moyen Is A JOKE! Did she get her degree from a cracker jack box??? Very rude and almost didn't do an exam for my husband....her only concern(which is none of her business) was his percentages for his service connected disability, mind you, he went in to see her for chronic back pain....without doing an exam she told him there was nothing she could do for him! I am going above a patient care advocate...I'm going to the CEO......veterans deserve all the respect in the world....especially the ones disabled....not to be treated like 3rd class citizens! Dr. Moyen is no good...BEWARE!
By: sleeplessandangry
Alexia Lishnevski MD
This woman is Horrible, and heartless! She is snooty, pompous, rude, and treated me like with no respect! I went in because I just started 3rd shift and had an episode of insomnia. Going on 5 days of no sleep she treated me like I was a liar because in my pure exhaustion I had trouble answering her questions and remembering my medical history. She heavily inferred that I was a drug addict of some sort (I DO NOT TAKE ANY DRUGS AT ALL) and refused to prescribe me ambian and instead insisted that i take melatonin and trazodone, Both of which i had already been taking and DID NOT WORK AT ALL! I tried to explain that i hadn't slept in 5 days and how important it is for me to sleep because I can not miss any work. Her response was "If you want a stronger medicine than you can go talk to a sleep specialist" then set me up with an appointment with a "sleep specialist 4 WEEKS later!!!!! So she expects me to not sleep for 4 weeks????? She was rude and had a horrible attitude toward every question I asked. DO NOT USE HER! SHE IS EVIL! As soon as I got to the parking lot I googled another Primary Care Physician, set up an appointment the next day... didn't sleep, went to work then the doctor, he was sooooo nice. Prescribed ambien to me... I went home and finally slept for the first time in 6 days! Dr. Lishnevski can take her horrible attitude, condescending attitude and wrongful judgments and shove them up her you know what!!!!!!!! I can't believe I had to pay a professional to treat me like that!!!!!!!!
By: stowohio
George, Elizebath P, MD
To all, I have visited several VA clinics in different states and did not have a pleasurable experience. Currently I am a contractor without medical benefits. I reluctantly decided to visit the Akron Va clinic for medical treatment. My visits to the VA clinic in Akron have been great. In comparison to private medical facilities I feel the service is just as good if not better. The staff is very proffessional, they care about their patients, I don't have a difficult time scheduling an appointment and the wait time on visits has been minimal. I would recommend to all veterans living in the Akron area who need medical treatment to visit the the Akron clinic.Paul Stow OhioI
By: killian66
George, Elizebath P, MD
Well the story I would tell is about my father. After moving from Michigan my father decided to continue his health care at the Akron VA clinic. His initial appointment with a Dr. At the Akron VA was less than acceptable and much less thorough than he had hoped.When my father explained to his new primary physician that he had a new feeling of fatigue and just a overall feeling of blah,the doctor asked my father a series of questions and then the doctor told my father that a follow up would be set up to see him again in six months.Has anyone who is feeling quite bad gone to a Doctor, then not be examined,no temperature taken, no blood pressure, the doctor never even touched him, no tests nothing! When ever I have been sick these things seem to have been standard protocol. NOT WITH THIS DOCTOR! Just an alright see you in six months.My father was quite disappointed and contacted the Akron VA patient advocate, he left a message and was contacted(not right back like her voice mail deceiving lay had said),but 4 weeks later.(what poor advocate service)Well right after his disappointing experience with the Akron VA , he decided to go (38miles away) to the Cleveland VA . Here he was diagnosed with small cell cancer in his lung and brain.Here the Doctor thoroughly checked him out with a whole battery of tests. The professionalism and compassion to do things the right way are like night to day compared to Akron VA. Here the doctors,nurses,staff,(patient advocate) have been completely compassionate, thorough, and always present to serve our needs.I ONLY GAVE THE AKRON VA A ONE STAR RATING BECAUSE THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I WAS ABLE TO ENTER MY FATHERS STORY,BECAUSE REALLY IT SHOULD BE A ZERO STAR RATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: villagevision1
Cousineau Lisa M DO
If you are looking for a wonderful OBGYN, that actually takes time to explain what is going on with your body, go to Dr. Cousineau. I was having a baby and my original Dr. told me that there was a problem, and I may have complications but was too busy to calm my fears. I talked to a friend that goes to Dr. Cousineau and I made the switch. Dr. Cousineau walked me throught the options of natural child birth and a C-scetion. We made the decision to go ahead with natural labor, and now I have a nine and a half baby boy. Thank you Dr. Cousineau.
By: tandt77
Phillip J Lewandowski MD
Dr. Lewandowski is a great surgeon. He was recommended to us and we would recommend him to anyone. He is a great surgeon and has a great bedside manner. My husband had a total hip replacement and it has gone great.
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