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By: Monta G.
Timber Top Apartments
If you're like me, you see these strings of over-the-top, frightening reviews of apartments saying you'll find everything from crack houses to drive-bys at any given complex, and this just isn't true. I don't understand where these people get this stuff--do they make it up just for fun? Are they disgruntled at the complex for whatever reason? It completely takes away the purpose of sites like these when you mislead people who are looking for the honest truth about a place to live. Anyway, with that rant out of the way, I can tell you that Timbertop Apartments is a wonderful, beautiful deal. We moved from Wooster, OH, which is a small town out in the country. Being around nature was important to us, and we were worried that would be hard to find moving to a city like Akron. Timbertop is located in the Cuyahoga Valley, very near to the national park and Blossom Music Center (we actually went there for a Fourth of July concert). The clubhouse offers a beautiful view of the valley, and our apartment faced one of the many ponds at the bottom of the hill. We walked in the creek, fished in the ponds, and took many walks around the property. As far as our apartment goes, we lived in a one bedroom in building 50 for $495. It was a little dated as far as the wallpaper goes, but it was clean and all the appliances worked, and we never had a problem except with the closet doors (we broke them off their hinges a couple times!) Twice I had a problem that required maintenance; the screen on our screen door ripped, and our toilet was leaking water. Both times, my request for help was answered promptly and politely, and I never had a problem again. The one critique I have for my apartment is that it had no windows that open. Timbertop has many floor plans however, and a lot of them do have opening windows, but ours didn't, and even though we were on the 1st floor, it did get quite hot. Another problem was that the walls were paper thin- we could hear our neighbors above, below, and next to us all the time, and I'm sure they could hear us. However, this is common for apartment living, and I don't consider it a problem. Sometimes there were parties of college kids-- I wouldn't recommend Timbertop for older people who like their peace and quiet. I have no idea what the idiots on here ranting about crime and section 8 housing are on about. The only apartment across the street is the Waterford at Portage Trail, which is a pricier, upscale complex compared to Timbertop. The only place they might be talking about is the small complex across the street from the clubhouse, which has a different sign, showing that it used to be an independent complex. However, Timbertop now owns this complex; I know this because when we came to look at apartments, one of the ones they showed us was in this differently named building. Perhaps it might have been a problem once, but I think the fact that Timbertop bought it shows that they took the problem seriously and are getting rid of it by controlling who lives in the old complex. We were very happy living at Timbertop. It is a breath of fresh air away from the city. There is a nice laundromat at the bottom of the Portage Trail hill called Nicole's Connection that we used to always do our laundry and get ice cream at. I whole heartedly recommend this place, and please don't let internet reviews scare you-- I can tell you they are probably complete crap.
By: Sascha R.
Timber Top Apartments
My rent was $500 a month, and for an additional $25, you can rent a washer and dryer if you get an apartment with the proper hookup. They pay for gas heat, which is a plus in the winter time. Parking is pretty ample and secure, although sometimes it's hard to find a place close to the apartment building if it's late and everyone is home for the night. They also have some garages for an additional fee per month. Local police patrol the area a few times a day for security. I would also recommend one of the newer buildings (behind the area closest to the office), as the apartments are much more updated and the area is quieter (and more scenic.) I've had nothing but good experiences with maintenence. Once I had a problem with my ceiling leaking late at night and someone came out within an hour and checked it out. Management is okay, but they don't really look at you at a personal level because they have so many tenants. They are very strict about paying the rent. If you are more than a day late, they put a late notice on your door and make you pay a $25 late fee. In the summer, the pool area is very large but also very busy. The facilities are very nice though. Children tend to be out in the streets a lot riding bikes and such, so be careful. In the winter, the roads are paved very well, especially the hills that you have to drive up to access some areas. I was worried about driving up and down the main hill you need to drive on to access the newer area, but I was surprised to see it maintained so well. The buildings are constructed well, although you can hear the people above you if you live on a lower level. Sometimes it does get annoying, but you get used to it after awhile. Overall, I was very happy with my experience.
By: Theo H.
Timber Top Apartments
I lived at Timber Top for my last year of college. If you and a fellow roommate or two are looking for an affordable place to live compared to other offcampus options around UA, then I would definitely look here. Timber Top isn't nearly as bad as some houses and apartments I've seen close to campus. They are also very affordable, more so than other apartment options in Merriman Valley. The building we lived in never had any trouble with crime or break ins. Whenever we had a maintenance issue there was usually someone there that day or early the next morning to fix it. On top of that the complex was normally very good about plowing and treating the roads and parking lots around the complex when it snowed (which was often that winter). The lighting in the parking lot wasn't great but it sufficed for where our apartment was located. Also never had any problems parking at my building but I know other buildings have more problems with this, especially some of the newer three bedroom units. Was pretty quiet at all hours. Held the heat in pretty well during the winter. There's no central air but instead they install small air conditioners in some bedrooms (my unit had one in each bedroom). Heat is electric. The staff could normally handle any requests although they seemed to have the strong potential to write you off if they felt like it. Not super friendly. When you check the place out they give you keys to several different units for you to look at it. It's a big complex but you can definitely find real solid places there for the price. Not the lap of luxury but definitely livable if your budget is tighter than most.
By: Holli P.
Timber Top Apartments
I have lived here for many years and I have found a few things: The apartments are cool architectually and offer a lot of neat plans with an english tutor/woodsy sort of feel. They are affordable, making them great for college students who are looking to transition into real life but annoying for the ghetto riff raff that low rent attracts. As a single women I feel safe because the bulk of residents are decent kids trying to move forward. My honest advice is to find a building that has a more mature community (you have 60 buildings to choose from). I was in a few different buildings and doing your homework and meeting the neighbors before you move in is crucial. Most of the people around me are graduate students, a few single dads and some single grandparents- and we all get along great. I found that if you live in a new building there tends to be more "kids" so stick with the cheaper older buildings close to the main roads. I think this place can get you by until you find that dream spot or dream job- plus it's huge here and you'll meet and hang out with some cool people if you feel like being social. They do take noise complaints seriously, 3 times and your out- so there are rules in place to protect more serious students (even though the walls are paper thin).
By: Dono R.
Timber Top Apartments
I lived here for 2 years, moved out because I got a job in a new state. The price is great, especially for college students, so if you can't handle having them for neighbors, it's probably not for you. Yes, you can hear EVERYTHING through the walls. Really depends on your neighbors how bad it is, but you can hear them using the bathroom, their TV, coughing, and normal conversations. Gets really annoying at night, but not much you can do about it there. They do a really good job in the winter clearing the parking lots and roads. Only 1 time in 2 years that I couldn't get out after an ice storm. There's definitely not enough parking, and people park like idiots, so be prepared to walk a little. I had a washer/dryer in unit, which is a must here. The facilities are disgusting and I would not feel like my clothes were clean coming out of there. It's not the safest place to live in the world... but it's in Akron, what do you expect. They did start doing a police patrol when I lived there and that cut down on issues a lot. Overall I had a good experience, it was a great price and everything else was manageable while I lived there.
By: Gannon D.
Timber Top Apartments
My boyfriend and I have been living here for a few months now. We checked out a few apartments before deciding on one, there are a few dirty ones so definitely make sure you have a lot to choose from when you ask to view. They'll send you out on your own with keys so you can view in private, which is nice. There were a few fixable problems with the one we picked. When we moved in, maintenance was great about fixing the pre-existing conditions in the apartment. They were there the next day. Staff has always been friendly with us, but I have witnessed rudeness towards tenants that were being rude to them, so definitely treat the staff how you want to be treated. We had two sets of noisy neighbors when we first moved in but they were evicted pretty quickly. If you don't like your neighbors, complain about them. Chances are other people are complaining too, and with enough they'll be out. I've never really had a problem with parking, but the lots could use more lighting. Took a while to feel safe outside with the dog at night. Overall, I enjoy it. They want your money so they'll do what they can to keep you there and sated.
By: Lene H.
Timber Top Apartments
I lived here for a year paying $600 (split w/ roommate so $300/person) for a 2 bedroom apartment with 1150 square feet. You can't beat that hardly anywhere nearby. Plus there is a huge selection of apartments floor-plans and most of them are two floors, including mine. The one I was in was a "lofted apartment" which has a banister overlooking the downstairs, which is not the best for privacy, but really cool in my opinion. There are woods all around and a huge deck with a full wall window/door combination on almost every unit. This, in addition to the skylight was great for natural light. There was radiator heat and only 1 wall A/C unit, so the heat/cool transfer from the wall units was not the best between rooms. But all utilities are included besides electric and they usually have a promo like $50 off the first 6 moths or a moth free. Cats (not dogs) allowed with an extra deposit and $10 extra. I never had a maintenance complaint so I can't comment on how they handle them. it's a great value, especially if you like the outdoor/woodsy feel.
By: Evelin M.
Timber Top Apartments
I have lived here for three years. I am a college-educated professional, have no criminal background, and expect peaceful, clean living conditions; Timber Top has offered me these. But I took my time to compare various apartments here in order to be sure I liked what I got. The staff really does a fantastic job, especially when you consider the hundreds of tenants they deal with and the size of the complex. If you seek value and affordability within a pretty area, give them a visit, communicate your needs to the office staff, and most likely you can find something here that suits you!
By: Giff K.
Timber Top Apartments
I lived at Timber Top for one year and I never had any problems. My unit was beautiful, and because it was a lower level unit I never had to pay to heat or cool it. The sidewalks were always clean and the streets plowed as soon as snow touched them. They could use a few more laundry facilities. Overall I'm very satisfied with Timber Top, and even though I did put some holes in the wall I did get my full security deposit back. I never had problems with noise, but maybe that's because I was in the newer section which is far away from the main road.
By: Kyle Q.
Timber Top Apartments
I have lived in Timber Top for about six months now and I love it. I have lived in about four other apartment complexes and this is by far my favorite. Its a big place and some areas of it have more of a young party crowd then others. You can get a good idea by driving around on the weekend and just seeing people walking around. I have really never had a problem with noise or management or maintenance. Also, there are ALOT of different types of apartments and a big range in price, so ask them to show you a few different styles.

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