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By: Lauren M.
Goodyear Auto Service Center
UPDATE ON ORIGINAL REVIEW:We ended up calling the customer service for all of Goodyear and they were excellent. They did not accuse us of anything and they were very helpful. Goodyear overall deserves 5 stars in my book, however, I would caution anyone who goes to the Akron branch to really pay attention to what they do .............................................................................................................................................................................ORIGINAL REVIEW:I am so not happy with Goodyear right now. We payed for 4 new tires for Chris' car a week ago and now he has a flat tire and we apparently don't have the roadside hazard warranty. What makes me even more angry is that the sales associate is telling us both that he asked us and somehow we both denied it (which we would never do). And he is the only one between the three of us who remembers that part of the conversation? I don't think so! But apparently the other people who work there (who weren't even in the room then, mind you) also say that Chris denied it. So now on top of the ridiculous amount we paid for the tires in the first place we have to pay for half of the new one. And then get the warranty for all 4. This could have all been avoided if they had actually asked us about the warranty and then had us initial next to it when we supposedly denied it. 1. Don't look me in the face and call me a liar. 2. Goodyear will never have my business again.
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By: Amanda L.
Fred's Automotive
Had to post because I was flabbergasted by what I saw in the other reviews. These people have to be talking about a different place. Here are some things Fred's has done for me over the years:-took my clunker in for a new serpentine. Fred shopped around for bargain prices and called me before he installed--concerned I would pay too much to fix a beater.- was having battery issues. Fred looked at and fixed for no charge.-picked me up and driven me home - they accidentally misdiagnosed a wheel bearing issue. Fixed one wheel free of charge for the mistake.-have always been willing to "hold" checks so you're sure you can pay.Yes, it is a small family business, but these people are the nicest, most fair, honest I have ever dealt with. Don't listen to the haters, Fred's is wonderful.
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By: george.whitfield.98
S & K Auto Body and Repair
This shop does it all from bodyshop and painting and service repair fo all autos and trucks. This guy will save you money, and can repair all of you service and bodyshop and painting needs. They have great connections for all OEM WHEELS AND CAN SAVE YOU MONEY ON YOUR TIRES. The owner can rebuild your engine and do all high performance work or can OVERHAUL any engine to get your vehicle back on the road in tip top shape. You want to save money and talk to the owner Steve. You will from talking to him the experience he has from so many years working on so many vehicles, you will feel very comfortable of the knowledge this shop will bring into repairing your vehicles with top quality service and the best prices around.
By: carrie.harviel
Salem's Wrenchworks
Wrench works is awesome. I have been in the area for 7 years and it took me half of that to find a good mechanic. Sadly, I have some horror stories other places, so I was a little worried about trying something new. I was upfront about this with Chris, who treated me with respect and never talked down to me from the very beginning. Chris is upfront about repairs, costs, and if they can wait or not. Wrench Works treats you like family from the moment you start using them and give you terrific service for a great price. I refuse to take my cars anywhere else.
By: Dennis W.
Akron Auto Parts Inc
I took my truck to a local auto mechanic who quoted the outrageous price of $850.00 for air conditioning repair. They didn't even take the A/C unit apart but were telling me 5 different things were wrong with it, and parts surrounding it. Then I took it over to Akron Auto Parts & Service and they took the A/C apart before quoting me a price of $350.00, and everything the other guy quoted was wrong with it... was not. A difference of $500.00. I recommend you take your vehicle to the honest people at Akron Auto parts & Service. You won't be sorry.
By: Michael B.
Shaw's Automotive
Shaw’s Automotive is our family’s number ONE complete car care specialists’. Staffed with stellar mechanics Shaw’s Automotive will; get your vehicle fixed properly the first time at a reasonable and competitive price. Driving away with a “peace-of-mind” knowing, this company used high quality replacement parts is always good too! Honesty and integrity are key components that plague too many companies in this type of industry. I firmly believe Shaw’s Automotive was built on honesty and integrity!
By: dasho.dalogikalone
Hamad Tire Co
Charlie and Nick Hamad have provided me with excellent service the last two times I needed to replace tires on my Maxima. I do not go out of my way to make endorsments, but I am starting to realize that receiving quality service that exceeds expectation is not the norm. It is at this location, though. Therefore, I am suggesting that the next tie you decide you need new tires support this locally owned business because they will go out of their way to earn your repeat business.
By: njn1990
13th St Auto Repair
the best shop i have been to. tim core the owner konws what he is doing and does it in a very reasonable time and at a very good price. he even took the time out to pick me up when my car was done. i will always take my car back to him even if its somethingsimple. i took my car to him after every shop told me the motor was locked up. he could have easily got me for a motor but he didnt it was my a/c pump locked up saved me alot of money. A+++++
By: addyson
L A Motors
Always Takes the time to get the job done RIGHT!!! I have been to a couple of the L.A. Motors Locations and they have all been great!! One thing I love about L.A. Motors is they take the time to get the job done right...They figure out the problem and they fix it. After they quote a price they don't try to add more parts and cost to the bill, they also stand behind their work and to a single young woman that is very important to me!!!
By: Tim V.
Salem's Wrenchworks
My old shop was not doing a satisfactory job for my money. I made an appointment the work was done and had them do an oil change. They clarified the "old" shop was not even doing an oil change properly. The work was done well at Salem's wrench works and fair prices. Chris was a true professional about everything and I will tell everyone to get all automotive work done here. I am happy to find a place that cares about the customer.
Tips & Advices
Wheel caster is the angle created by the steering pivot points, from the front to the back of the vehicle. It is positive if the line angles forward, and negative if it angles back. A positive caster typically makes the car or truck more stable at higher speeds.
The camber angle of a wheel is the measured angle in degrees, between a wheels vertical alignment, perpendicular to the road. Wheels perfectly perpendicular to the road are at 0 degrees. This is considered ideal to prevent uneven wear on the surface of the tire and also to maximize standard performance. This is part of the alignment of the vehicle and can be adjusted for performance purposes.
Wheels can absolutely affect gas mileage. Larger, heavier wheels and tires create added weight to the car, generally decreasing mileage; lighter-weight wheels are prone to enhancing gas mileage.
As long as the wheels are made by an accredited manufacturer or machine shop, they are safe to use within the boundaries set forth by the manufacturer. There can be exceptions with random wheel failures, but, generally, they are completely safe as long as they are installed correctly and driven within the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer.
Changing wheels can affect the performance of the car. Size, width, and weight are among the factors that affect performance. Some wheels emphasize straight-ahead performance, usually associated with drag racing, while others are associated with performance and handling, while still others are purely ornamental in nature. Tires have much more impact on performance than wheels, however.

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