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By: Ewar B.
Midway Automotive
I was in search for a Mercedes ML350 and saw one that I liked on the Midway Automotive website. I called and spoke with salesman Bob Hurley. We agreed to meet the following Sunday afternoon. On my way to the dealership I was a little hesitant and nervous because it had been 5 years since my last car purchase. I didn't want to deal with all of the typical hassle of buying a car. When I arrived, Bob greeted my fiance and I with a big friendly smile which set me at ease. We took the car for a spin and then we were able to check out the car on our own (which we enjoyed). Bob answered our questions, was not pushy nor sketchy, returned my inquiries in a timely fashion and even accommodated a couple of requests I had before making the final decision to purchase. I waited a few days to leave a review as I wanted to make sure everything would be ok with the truck. I love my new SUV! I am so glad I found this dealership. Great car selection, professional customer service and a friendly staff. When you visit Midway ask for Bob Hurley. Thank you.
By: Kriste D.
Midway Automotive
I am a first time car buyer. I needed a reliable car to get me to and from school in Boston. I had a lower budget but they were still able to help out. Bill was my salesman and he was absolutely amazing. He gave us all the specs of the car and even though I was set on one he offered to show me more. I picked a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. During the test drive it must've had a tiny delay, something I wouldn't have noticed due to a first time car buyer. He immediately told me when we got back to the lot that he wanted the car checked out because he noticed it. He was upfront and honest. When I bought the car Dave in finance did everything they could to get me approved and told me honestly and truly which warranties he recommended and the ones he didn't. Not just in it to make a quick buck. Bill also made sure I got a new back wiper because the back one was older. He did absolutely amazing. Kept calling to let me know the status. These guys know how to help you out. Highly recommended
By: Dari A.
Midway Automotive
Where do I begin? A few years back I my son had an accident and totalled my mini-van. Two years prior, my husband suffered a heart attack and had a triple bi=pass which has disabled him. Having had this happen after having impeckable credit, my credit was not in good standing,at this point I was happy to have my husband alive, but again, so this is life and accidents happened. My husband and I where puzzled what to do and where to go. We went to MidWay Automotive and met Dennis Wilburn. Right off the bat; Friendly, Honest, NOT PUSHY!, Flexible, Understand, Whatever we needed. Needed some time, AGAIN NOT PUSHY, told us bring the car to my mechanic, what else could he do. God bless him we got an awesome vehicle safe and big enough for my family, yet good on gas and payments we could afford and not to break the bank as well as that wasn't enough, FREE Oil Changes for life as long as I owned the car!!! Who does that??? MIDWAY does!
By: Danella W.
Midway Automotive
Went into midway about a month ago in search of a used vehicle for my girlfriend. She was a first time buyer so getting financed can tend to be an issue. Frank was laid back, professional and exemplifies the attitude a model customer service representative would have. We took the Scion for a test drive, and she loved it. Next comes the worst part of any transaction, sitting down and talking numbers. Frank made this entire experience painless, they got her financed at a very fair interest rate with low money down, and sold the car at a very reasonable price.They fixed every issue we had with the car without question, and we had a deal. Overall I would rate midway a top notch car dealership, with no poor tactics. Every single part of our transaction was clean, smooth, fair, and pleasant. Every single person we came in contact with at this dealership was welcoming and had a smile on.
By: Avery C.
Midway Automotive
Wow! After dealing with too many slick, over eager and pushy used car salesmen over the years who cared more about a commission than what I wanted as a consumer I'd grown pretty discouraged with the whole process. But after a recent trip to midway automotive in Abington I've finally found a dealership who really cares about their customer. I was helped out by Kevin White and definitely put him to the test. I asked lots of questions and took 6 different cars out for test drives. He proved to be knowledgeable and patient throughout the process and extremely helpful after I had chosen the car I wanted. It was a bit out of my price range but he and the rest of the finance crew worked with me to get me below my budget restraints. I got a great car at a great price with no hassle or hard sell. Big thanks to Kevin and the rest of the top notch staff at Midway. Overall a GREAT experience.
By: Kora F.
Midway Automotive
I talked to Joe on the phone and was very specific about what I needed and what I wanted to spend. Unlike other sales people Big Joe was up front and very genuine during the entire process. He didn't just try to get me to come down to the dealership and once I got there, he worked with me on the price, the trade in and all the details. One thing I really liked about Big Joe is that once the sale is over, he doesn't just forget about you. He has followed up with me several times, and even helped with minor repair issues that come with purchasing a used vehicle. My son is thrilled with the car, a great vehicle, low mileage and in excellent condition. I would not hesitate to recommend Midway Auto and Big Joe, John in the service department and the entire Midway Auto Team. Every encounter we have had with Midway was a positive one. Thank you
By: alisha.binda
Midway Automotive
I LOVE this place! Great customer service, great warranty packages, good negotiating, willing to work with you, lifetime oil changes, and lifetime tire rotations. My fiance and I had been looking for a new car for a few weeks now and once we stopped at Midway, we left driving a new car. Anyone who buys a car knows that there is a lemon law in Massachusetts as well as you get what you paid for. They offer 3 different types of extended warranties and unless your buying brand new then I would recommend buying one. Then that way you have nothing to worry about if anything does go wrong in the vehicle! Which no matter where or what you buy, cars will ALWAYS have something go on them, eventually! If your looking for a good deal and a huge variety of cars then MIDWAY is the place to go. I recommend you ask for salesman TOM:) He's AWESOME!!!!
By: Joanne R.
Midway Automotive
We found Midway on the internet and saw a particular car we were interested in so we traveled 26 miles to look at it. Upon meeting John we felt very comfortable to sit with him and discuss a possible purchase.We liked the car but decided it was similar to what we already had.John showed us other cars then introduced us to Mike (owner) who just stopped by, he pointed to a car and said check it out you never know.These guys were so transparent with us towards the car and price and every step that lead to the purchase.All the negative things that come from buying a car WERE NOT THERE !!! Truly, the path to the purchase with the interaction of everyone we met made us very comfortable to purchase the car of our dreams.Here we are 3 days later and we are very blessed. Thank you John for a wonderful journey.
By: Trevor Z.
Midway Automotive
big joe made mine and my girlfriends car buying experience the best one I've ever experienced. Big Joe is very helpful and made it quite clear numerous times that he is not about selling a car to a customer he's more about taking care of the customer after you purchase the vehicle. he helped me finance at a descent rate with not so good credit :( We bought a car in Mass and we live in Rhode Island it takes about an hour and a half to get here he even went the extra mile to deliver the car to us bc of my work schedule. he completed the Vin check for us.. filled the tank with gas n what's better than FREE synthetic oil changes for the LIFE of my new vehicle. . I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANYONE LOOKING FOR A CAR. .....LOOK FOR BIG JOE! thank you joe for making me a proud new car owner
By: Alek S.
Midway Automotive
We had a very nice experience working with Bob during our visit. We came in to test drive a certain truck which, unfortunately, was in the process of being sold as we arrived. Bob showed us a truck very similar the one we came in for and we took this one out for a test drive. When we got back, Bob walked us through the whole process and answered all of our questions. This made us feel very comfortable and at ease. When we were done with our purchase Bob explained what steps we would need to pick up the truck the following day. Midway sent a driver to our house to pick me up since I would be using my current plates. Everything went as planned. Based on our experience, we would gladly recommend Bob and the Midway staff to anyone looking to get into a different vehicle.

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