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    I've been a faithful member of this church for 3+ years. Never once has the pastor turned a person away who was visiting, or said a harsh word about any other church in the community. He is a great man who lives by what he preaches and preaches straight from the bible. The church members are great people as well. I can't say we all never do wrong, or that there aren't a few members who are hypocritical, what what church can? But what can a review do really? I invite you to come and visit and see for yourself!

  • Worst Church in Southwest Virginia

    This Church is the worst place of worship that I have ever been to. It would be bad enough if the members of the church did not like outsiders but when the minister shares the same mindset, it is thoroughly revolting. The closemindedness of the people is something that I thought had ended many years ago but evidently is still going strong in rural southwest Virginia. If were one tended to be a skin color other than white, I think I would fear for their safety in this place. The same goes for those who might be of an alternative lifestyle. Rather than teaching compassion or forgiveness, which are the basis tenents of Christianity, the minister tells his congregation that people who do share their intrepretation of the Bible are sinners and will burn in hell.
    I strongly urge anyone considering going to this church to take a moment to consider this review and find a church that actually practices the ideals found in the Bible. The teachings of Jesus were not those of a closeminded person, in fact those were the prevailing attitudes of the Jewish high priests who sought to punish our saviour. I personally am going to contact the Southern Baptist Ministers Association and ask them if the minister of Solid Rock Baptist Church is a member of their association. And if he is, then what does one do to make a formal complaint.
    I rarely write reviews about the places I have been to but this is one exception. Please be wary of this church as it reminds me of something out of horror novel. Or, at the very least, a bad dream. But, of course, this is a free country and each person has the right to make up their minds for themselves. As for me, I have found an extremely good church called Highlands Fellowship. It is located just outside Abingdon, on highway 75. They are an extremely tolerant church and there is a willingness to accept all people, regardless of their skin color or sexual orientation. After all, mortals cannot judge each other.


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