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By: masseffect
West Texas Coins and Bullion
Very honest and friendly place to do business in gold, silver, and storable foods. I highly highly recommend this place to anyone in the know about precious metals, you get market value, very fair prices and return. No other store in and around Abilene can hold a candle to these guys. You want fair market value for your precious metals, jewelry, etc, go to this place. Want to get ripped off and be a mindless sheep, go to the other places in town. And for the times we live in and the economy getting ready to collapse, precious metals and storable food are a must for those who dare to prepare and West Texas Coins and Bullion is the place to go to get what you need..
By: notmyrealnametfs
West Texas Coins and Bullion
This is the first place I've sold too and they have always had decent pricing. I made the mistake of running by Big Country Gold Exchange for my most recent sell (On my way to this place), and that guy tried to rob me at about 20 dollars per 1oz 2012 AE silver coin. (Extremely under value, they are currently being sold for about $31.50 but "he had to make money too."). West Texas Coins and Bullion paid a little over 30 dollars, which was more than I was expecting to begin with. I wont even be living here much longer, but Im going to make sure all my gold/silver deals will be done here whenever I visit.
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By: Nick H.
West Texas Coins and Bullion
The Abbotts impressed me from the get go with their honesty and fairness. They took the time to look at the many coins containing silver plus wheat pennies and foreign money that I wanted to sell and offered me a very fair price. They even looked through the coins to see if there were any rare coins I may have overlooked. I would return were I to need their services and recommend them to anyone selling coins. Based upon our discussion it sounds as though their selling prices are similarly reasonable. ... and if you want powdered eggs - they have buckets and buckets and buckets of them!!!
By: bbeal1996
West Texas Coins and Bullion
Took just a handful of gold and silver in to sell. Like most people I went to a few to get the best prices. Big mistake, I should have come here to begin with. Super nice family that own it, and very honest and give you what your stuff is really worth, I think even more. They offered me $525 more than Big Country Gold, for the exact some stuff. I was shocked when they gave me there offer! Dont waste time shopping around! If you want to be blown away with money, then this is the only place to even consider!! PERIOD!!!
By: nikirob
West Texas Coins and Bullion
This is the first time I have ever sold any precious metals, the Abbott's make it a very fun and easy time. I am very knowledgeable now on prices and weights, you would never be ripped off at this place. I believe my 2 sons, daughter and I have been back 3 times to sell more. If you just need a little extra cash, take in a gold ring or chain you no longer wear and I promise, you will walk out with way more than you think. Niki P.
By: james.dixon.3386
West Texas Coins and Bullion
My wife and I have purchased gold and silver coins on several different occasions for the past two years. We've purchased precious metals from other dealers, but Mike and his wife are absolutely the very best folks to deal with. They are absolutely honest and have offered us very competitive pricing. When my wife and I now buy precious metals we no longer go to other dealers. We head straight to Mike at West Texas Coins and Bullion. Try them when you're buying or selling. You won't be disappointed!!
By: lonnie.thompson.794
West Texas Coins and Bullion
Very pleased with the amount given for my baseball card collection. Very fair and awesome people to deal with. Highly recommend to everyone to use this store to sell their gold, coins or card collection. You won't find anyone else in this area that will treat you and your possions with respect and offer a fair price. Very pleased!!
By: mandyree
West Texas Coins and Bullion
I would highly recommend this business to anyone selling any gold or silver. I couldn't have asked for a better business transaction. They were very nice and really know what they are doing! Don't go all over town trying to sell your stuff. Go to West Texas Coins and Bullion first! You will be glad you did!
By: spunky7254
West Texas Coins and Bullion
I have been to West Texas Coins and Bullion twice to sell my gold. They ALWAYS give the best price!! Your gold can be broken necklaces, chains, rings, anything! As long as it is gold, they will buy it and give you an EXCELLENT deal!! I HIGHLY recommend West Texas Coins and Bullion as a gold dealer!!
By: jtherapy
West Texas Coins and Bullion
I really enjoyed my experience at West Texas Coin and Bullion. I am new to coin collecting and Mrs Abbott took extra time to explain the basics so I could get started buying coins. She made sure to steer me toward the best deal. I really appreciated that and I certainly recommend this business.

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