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By: debrah.wardalsobrook
Absolute Perfection Day Spa
After reading some of the other reviews on other sites I am guessing that this spa has changed hands. My husband purchased a very generous spa day for me, over 300$. Having moved here from Bangkok, Thailand, and Houston before that I was excited to visit the spa here because it had been awhile. It was not a good experience on most fronts. The massage was good, except for the fact that I could hear the washer and dryer the entire time. On to the manicure and pedicure. The tech did not soak my cuticles, instead she put a cuticle removal "lotion" and immediately began pushing the cuticle back with an orange stick, that's not out of the ordinary per se', but now I have 4 cuticles which are torn and 3 that are red and swelled and all of them hurt. Then came the pedicure. Old school is an understatement. I was put in a chair that had come from The Sharper Image or Wal-Mart in the 90's. She left and returned with a slightly warm Rubbermaid container of water. She again put the cuticle crap on my toes, pulled out this thing that is from the 80's to buff my feet. I say it was from the 80's because I bought one for my mom for Christmas. I have no idea if the thing was sterilized or not. Then there was lunch, a scoop of chicken salad on the middle of a plate with five crackers around it and a small bowl of fruit, and a small bottle of water. I was offered wine, but declined. Then, Iwas sent through the lobby, the only entrance to the place in my not soft at all robe in front of other patrons, sans makeup, to get my facial. The facial was nice, but I got the impression I must have inadvertently said something to offend Amanda, the lady who did it. No extractions were done, but the mask was mildly relaxing, which at this point, I just wanted out. The products, which were part of the package, that she gave me for my skin seem to be good and doing what she said they would. I will not ever visit this place again. The pictures on their website and Facebook page are fake. The spa is in an old house, not at all what they advertise.

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