Best 6 Gun Shop in Aberdeen, Washington with Reviews -
By: toyboybubba62226
Dave's Harbor Gun Works
so walking into the gunshop for the first time i did notice that the gunshop had been there for a long time and the good o boy running it has been there longer he had rifles in a rack in the middle of the store so you could pick them up and see how each rifle fit in your arms also there was another section which looked like it might be the repair part of the gun shop and also the shell loading part i don't know for a fact cause i did'nt go in. The gentleman running the shop was of manly statue and looked like a person who was honest and a gentle man but one that you would not want to triffle with if you looking to steal from or rob.The only reason i gave him 4 stars is because i have been there once
By: Kevin T.
Dave's Harbor Gun Works
This was the first time I ever went there and liked the man that ran the place. We talked about being in the Marines years ago and had some laughs.

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